Hello, we’re Jacq & Brandi

Two friends who aim to help you make your life what you truly want it to be. Through health and wellness coaching to living a hands on lifestyle that frees you from the chains of the big ole world.


Hi everyone! I’m Jacqueline, mom of 4 plus 1 bonus son, Fire-wife, Holistic wizard, lover of life, nature, and anything my kids are into. I started my health journey after I had my youngest daughter 6 years ago. I fell into a deep depression, (not realizing at the time it was truly depression) I just thought I was uncomfortable because I put on weight. After my oldest daughter forced me to get out of the house for a relatives birthday party, I came across a photo of myself. Seeing the amount of weight I had put on with the obligatory smile and the pretense of happiness literally broke me. I immediately reached out to a friend for help! It was through her coaching that I realized what a powerful impact food has on the mind, body, and soul. If we are consuming anything into our bodies that we maybe intolerant to it can create side affects such as depression, brain fog, exhaustion, etc. After my healing journey took off, mending my family and relationships along the way, I grew an immense passion to help others do the same. By getting to the root of our issues we can begin to retrain the brain. I quickly obtained my life coach certification, went on to integrative nutrition, and am currently working on my Reiki and Herbalism certifications.


I am a wife, mother of five, photographer, food blogger, and homesteader. I drink whisky by the barrels and there isn’t a challenge I shy away from. I value dirty hands, long days, and old world ways. If I could have it my way, I would make the world small again. Creating communities and safe places is a passion of mine. The greatest gift I can give to anyone is time, whether it’s my time for you, or to teach you ways to find that time for yourself. I am the literal and figurative definition of “short and simple”. Wish I could say sweet, but that just ain’t my thang.